Panasonic image app alternative

panasonic image app alternative

Many cameras now come with built-in Wi-fi connectivity that allows you to connect them to a smartphone or tablet with the help of a first-party app. Of course, photographers will always need to upload their images to a desktop computer for editing, but out in the fi eld, the ability to connect your camera to a smartphone or tablet offers a range of benefits.

For example, you can back up your images to your mobile device without having to remove any memory cards or fiddle around with card readers and portable hard drives.

Last but not least, many apps also allow you to control your camera remotely, which can be useful in a range of situations — from self-portraits to capturing shy wildlife from a safe distance. These are free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and essentially act as the interface between your camera and your phone or tablet. Of course, not all apps are created equal, and some are easier to set up and use than others. In addition, some also have greater functionality.

See our round up of the best camera apps. This is to prevent accidental or malicious connections from devices that are not your own. Surprisingly, not all cameras and apps take this approach, with a handful only offering unsecured connections. The ability to back images up to your tablet as soon you shoot them is a useful feature.

Most apps allow you to transfer images at their original file size, or reduce it for easier uploading. Raw images can usually be transferred, too — even if your mobile device is unable to display such files.

One of the most useful things you can do with apps is to use your mobile device to control the camera.

panasonic image app alternative

Better apps will allow you to control shutter speed, aperture etc from within the app itself, while others offer no more than a remote shutter button. While some cameras have GPS modules built into them, many do not, which is where your mobile might be able to help.

One important thing to bear in mind is that if you tag an image in a different location from where it was originally shot, then it will be tagged with the GPS data from your new location. Canon currently offers three wi-fi camera apps.

You can transfer images at their original size or choose to reduce the overall file size. Camera Connect can also control your camera remotely, with separate aperture and shutter speed controls available alongside exposure compensation and ISO dials.

For those using certain Canon compacts with fixed zooms, Camera Connect can also be used to control the zoom. Which of the three apps is right for you will depend on which Fujifilm camera you own. Camera Remote is more advanced than the other two and is the only app that allows you to control your camera remotely. While this lacks remote control, it does offer image transfer and GPS tagging.

Photo Receiver, meanwhile, is the most basic of the three and has no GPS function.

panasonic image app alternative

It does work with most Fujifilm cameras though. The Fuji Camera Remote app allows you to control your camera from your smartphone. Image Sync allows you to control your camera remotely, with a generous range of controls including shutter speed, aperture, white balance, exposure compensation and ISO.

User settings can be quickly overridden by pressing the green button in the bottom right-hand-corner, which effectively puts the camera into fully automatic mode. Panasonic currently has three apps, although Lumix Remote and Lumix Link are largely obsolete.

Image App, meanwhile, replaces both of the above and is compatible with all Lumix Wi-fi cameras. The app features a good range of options. Still images can be transferred from your camera to your smartphone either individually or in batches, with a choice of three sizes: original, medium and small.Email me if you have any questions! FieldMonitor runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Use markers to show safe areas, aspect ratios, and framing grids.

How to Connect Your Lumix G Camera to Your Smart Phone or Tablet

Desqueeze anamorphic images, cropped to your final aspect ratio. Flip the image on either axis. Focus Assist helps you nail focus camera sources only. Add 3D LUTs camera sources only. Controls are designed for fast, realtime adjustments. Teradeks support p and p. On-camera display and controls are disabled. For manual focus, mechanical-focus lenses must be used not XC or XF lenses.

Focus points can only be set in photo mode. No High Speed recording. Camera shuts down when app is terminated. I am very pleased with this app. Having full screen monitoring is a huge help. I have a Panasonic GX85 and for some strange reason, Panasonic disables focus peaking and zebra stripe through the WiFi stream while recording video.

Both are present in the stream before the recording is started and while recording it is only available on the camera screen. The extra features in this app allow me to still use sharpened edges and light to do essentially the same thing through the app. I had some pre-sale questions and Adam was excellent and answered all my questions very quickly.

The lower reviews seem to be from customers whom did not read the description of the app to see if it would or would not be compatible with their camera. If your camera is in the supported list, or an email to Adam verifies it is, then buy this app. It is so much better than the ones the manufacture offers for monitoring purposes. If you just need to download images, the manufacture app probably already lets you do that.

panasonic image app alternative

FieldMonitor is an adequate way to give clients something to look at and play with while they try to slow down production. The app works well enough to pass off to someone who wants to feel involved. FieldMonitor is a great concept that was built by someone who clearly has production experience.

With that said, I would not rely on this product as a primary field monitor. My guess is the developer would not be offended by that statement. Pros: 1. Low latency. Customizable features. Well done. Scopes are pretty accurate. More testing is needed. Fair Price Cons: 1. Is there any way to avoid re-connecting every time I want to see playback on my camera? That is frustrating.Connect to your WiFi-enabled Panasonic Lumix camera and download images from it for sharing or saving to your phone.

Added a help page which explains how to use this app properly. I doesn't work at all, closes without ever finding the camera. Come on Panasonic, release a Windows Phone version of what you have for Android! Thanks for providing an APP that Panasonic won't!

Works with the new lx paired with, Some thumbnails are missing but works. Please add a way to transfer multiple pictures. Works great with our line of Lumix cams! Would love to be able to shoot with it also. Some bugs, such as duplicate pictures loading, not all the loaded pictures showing, and tapping one image but loading another. That being said, there is no official Panasonic image app, and this let me take images of my newborn at the hospital and put them on my phone to send to friends.

For that, you get all the stars! Works awesome. Took a little time to figure out the settings on the camera but once I did I seamlessly transferred photos.

For those using it you have to connect the camera to your phone after you put the camera in wifi mode. Then click remote shooting. Once you connect and get to the part where it says open image app, load lumixview. Thanks for a great app!

Similar to Panasonic Image App

Can't try out as this app won't even open on Lumia It immediately crashes.It can open apps, rotate, crop, resizeand apply filters and effects to them. The only problem is that it takes forever to open images. For users who have large photo libraries, the app is almost impossible to use which is why they often look for alternatives to the Photos app on Windows Here are 5 apps that you can try.

IrfanView is an old app. Even in the days of Windows 7 when users had a pretty good default photo viewing app, IrfanView was still popular. It needs to be enabled via a registry edit. It has basic image editing features. It can. It also supports plugins which means you can add features to it. ImageGlass is a basic image viewer. If you need something basic, and fast, this is an app you ought to try. While it is basic, it still has a dark and light theme which no other app on this list does.

XnView is the only other app on this list that has an extensive list of photo viewing and editing features. If you often need to import photos from a camera or your phone, this is an app you should consider trying out before the rest on this list. It has a built-in file browser that makes it easy to select folders full of images. It also has. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Related Reading.I found out on dvxuser about this new app called "Scopes" that is an alternative to the Panasonic Image App for live wireless video monitoring.

The Fujifilm X-T is a low-priced mirrorless camera with a stunning 3. Dive into our review to see how it ranks against its peers. We think Fujifilm's XV is the best choice for a photographer's carry-everywhere camera in Provided you can find somewhere safe to take pictures, of course. Take a look through our full review to find out more.

With improved autofocus and a large touchscreen interface, we found ourselves really enjoying it. With a fast lens, GPS and useful tracking features, and Raw support, Olympus's flagship rugged compact continues to be the best waterproof camera on the market. While improvements like HyperSmooth 2. Whether you've grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order.

We've selected our favorite lenses for Nikon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. We've selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. We've selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. The fixed lens camera market may be a bit niche, but it's here that you'll find some of the best cameras you can buy.

Sensors ranging from APS-C to full-frame are designed to match their lenses, which cover ranges from mm equivalent, so image quality is top-notch. Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform. In this guide we've chosen a selection of cameras that make it easy to shoot compelling lifestyle images, ideal for sharing on social media.

Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses. Started Dec 3, Discussions thread. New alternative wifi video monitoring app for Panasonic cameras. Dec 3, Post hide subjects Posted by When New alternative wifi video monitoring app for Panasonic cameras. Forum Parent First Previous Next.

5 alternatives to the Photos app on Windows 10

Color scheme? You may also like. Latest sample galleries. Fujifilm Acros II film sample gallery. Sigma mm F2. Anamorphic smartphone photography. Fujifilm X-A7 sample gallery.

Latest in-depth reviews. Latest buying guides. The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. Best fixed prime lens cameras in Best cameras for Instagram in Fujifilm X-T Fujifilm XV.If you tapthe icons below will be displayed. If you tap again, you will return to the recording screen. Tap the icons below to perform each setting. Tap to display information settings etc. You can cancel the displayed information by tapping again.

Image App (Android) - Digital Camera -

Tap to display other recording settings and to perform settings such as [Picture Size] or [Photo Style]. Simply touch the subject you want to focus on, and it will automatically focus and release the shutter. Touch the subject for which you would like to optimize the brightness to display the AF area frame and brightness optimization position.

The brightness and focus can be optimized in the same area. If the [Touch Settings] are different from those above You can only optimize the brightness for the area that has been touched.

When the digital camera is set to Auto Focus, touching the screen will display the AF Area frame, and the point of focus can be adjusted. Explanation follows below. Tap the focus bar to switch to MF Assist and display the enlarged screen.

Set the focus point and tap to take a picture. If you tap [Exit] before tapping, your settings will be discarded and you will be returned to the Auto Focus screen. When the digital camera is set to Manual Focus, a Manual Focus bar appears on the screen, and the focus point can be manually adjusted. You can adjust the focus bar shown below by tapping it. If the [Priority of Remote Device] is set on the [Camera].

Taking still pictures Tap method and number of shots for each differs depending on the recording setting chosen in step 2. You can pan while recording subjects without horizontal shaking of the camera, and you can zoom in and out during video recording without using zoom. You can check pictures with markers on the digital camera itself.Here is how you turn your iPhone into an external monitor on the Panasonic GH5. Firstly, you need the right mounts for your camera. Follow the instructions to connect the remote access functionality with the Panasonic Image App.

Therefore, there is very little benefit in using your phone as a monitor for the GH5 with this app. I think the app designers have done a wonderful job in providing a genuine alternative to a traditional external monitor.

One of the first pieces of kit that goes in my bag when shooting video with the Panasonic GH5 is an Atomos Ninja Inferno.

The latest GH5 2. So there may be occasions when you want to pack light, but still monitor your footage on a larger screen. The FieldMonitor App seems to be an excellent alternative. Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. How is the latency? The reason I ask is because every Canon app on every Canon I've used has such poor latency it renders itself unusable as a real-time monitor.

If it's fluid on the Pana and Sony that's pretty sweet. I've used the official app with a GH4 and it's quite acceptable for real time monitoring.

10 best Panasonic apps for Android!

I assume GH5 would be the same or better. It seems just as fast as a cable connection on a Pana, on Sony it seems a little more limited and temperamental but still not terrible. Have you tested GMonitor? Much cheaper. Home Apps.

Posted In:. Fstoppers Premium Tutorials Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. Log in or register to post comments. Jonathan Krier - October 14, How is the latency?


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