Ly6 6l90e swap

The rugged iron block 6. You also get the sturdy 4 th- gen full-floating connecting rods and a boost-friendly 9. Most 6. It should be noted that the L96 engine is nearly identical to the LY6with the only difference being that the L96 came flex-fuel capable from the factory. This will definitely free up a few horsepower and the V8 burble will make your ride the center of attention at a stop light.

Trucks often come with mechanical fans that sap horsepower. An electric fan kit will free up that power. We recommend that you talk to your local chassis dyno tuner and decide on a computer programmer. Raising the factory redline is a big part of this because it allows your vehicle to be in the meat of the powerband longer.

Torque limiting can be completely shut off, shift points can be raised and it makes it easier to tune for a bigger cam and injectors later on. Before beginning the tuning process, we recommend installing a colder thermostat to open up the LY6 tuning window. What you need is a cam that delivers a gut-punch right when the converter hits.

We recommend a dedicated truck cam. If the engine is going in a lighter car with deep rear-end gears and a high stall converteryou can be more aggressive with duration. To maximize torque in the mid-range in a truck cam, manufactures close the intake valve at about degrees. Turbo cams reduce overlap with less exhaust duration split in relation to the intake.

Beyond that. The stock rockers are good up to lbs. You will want to install a trunnion kit for added reliability. There are a few other parts needed for a LY6 cam swap such as an LS2 timing chainLS7 spec liftersLS2 timing chain damper and thick-wall chromoly pushrods. In general, an LY6 upgrade will involve adding boost or nitrous before starting any serious work on the cylinder heads. Flex-fuel engine injectors are a common upgrade and good injector characterization numbers are available to maximize idle quality.

In-tank fuel pumps and external pumps are popular, but mild fabrication will be required. When running boost, you can use a water-methanol system to supply extra fuel and lower charge air temps. If you have a power adder, the intake and 87mm throttle body can take a backseat for a while longer. The factory truck-style manifold has long runners for better low-end torque and makes good power from idle through 6, rpm.

If you have the LY6 in a vehicle with deeper gears, bigger converter, cam, and the rev limit bumped, you may want to trade a little of that low-end torque for some top-end horsepower. If so, go with a tunnel ram. Gains of 35 whp are possible with the crossover point starting at around 5, rpm. Ask your tuner about going with a speed density tune.See all 18 photos. For all but a few of us, if given the choice between a smaller motor and a larger one, we'd choose the larger one.

Of course, this assumes cost is not a factor, but the things we want most usually end up costing more, right? Such is the case when talk turns to choosing between a 5. If we were looking to build a cheap turbo motor, we'd opt for the smaller 5.

By adding a cam and boost to a 5. Why you ask? The reason is obvious. Bigger motors simply make more power. The extra power and torque offered by the 6. When it comes to torque, displacement is king, and no amount of cam timing or head porting will ever allow a 5. The question then becomes, if a 6.

ly6 6l90e swap

Here is a tip for LS enthusiasts out there. If the question ever arises about how to make an LS better, your go-to response should always be swap the cam! Sure, cylinder heads and intake manifolds are most welcome especially on cathedral-port applicationsbut their gains are all but dependant on the presence of wilder-than-stock cam timing. Since the LS was factory fortified with ample displacement, compression, and head flow especially anything with rec-port heads like our LY6they are basically begging for more cam timing.

While a cam upgrade can make significant power gains, there is usually a trade-off inherent in the additional peak power. Cam swaps, especially serious performance grinds, are almost always a case of no free lunch. The potential for massive top-end power gains exist, but the typical plus hp cam swap often comes with a torque-loss penalty. For many, the ideal situation is a cam swap that combines plenty of peak power without sacrificing low-speed torque. In fact, the mark of a successful cam swap is a grind that offers what we call the "trifecta.

Well, for our needs, the trifecta means the cam upgrade does three things: it increases the peak power, it fattens up the peak torque, and it does both with no loss anywhere in the power curve. Achieving one of the elements is easy, combining two gets more difficult, but the trifecta requires selection of just the right cam for the combination.

To see if we could manage the trifecta, we set up a test with our 6. For those unfamiliar with the LY6, the LS motor featured a 4. For our test, we were only interested in the 6. What we wound up with was a near-stock 6. With our baseline taken care of, it was time for cam selection.

Achieving more peak power and more peak torque was not terribly difficult, but doing so without hurting power anywhere else meaning down at lower engine speeds was the real trick. This TrackMax cam offers a. A healthy cam to be sure, we just hoped it worked well with the free-flowing, rec-port heads and 6. The dyno soon put our fears to rest, as the cam swap on the LY6 netted impressive gains.

The peak power output was hp at 5, rpm, while peak torque was up to lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm. For those keeping score, that's more HP and torque than a stock LS7, yet a full liter smaller.

So far, we had achieved two elements, but only if they came with no loss would we achieve the trifecta. A peek at the power curves revealed that the TrackMax cam had indeed improved the power output through the entire rev range, with gains coming as low as 3, rpm.Remember Me?

What's New? Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Will a 6l80e work with a pcm that used to control a 6l90e? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Will a 6l80e work with a pcm that used to control a 6l90e? Or is a segment swap required or is this even possible? The TCM in the 6L90E is inside the transmission itself, so it should have the right operating system to make it work. You just need a compatible ECM so they can talk to each other. Thanks for the response.

I have a customer who has put a ly6 into a jeep Cherokee with the correct ECM that came with the engine. You only need to make sure the operating system in the ECM is one from a car or truck originally equipped with the trans you have.

If that is not possible, at least get a ECM from the same year of the transmission controller. This way you can flash both with a compatible OS so they can talk to each other and work good. I tried to flash a truck OS 6. Do I have to find a completely new pcm already with the correct OS, install and start over? Originally Posted by Montecarlodrag.

Originally Posted by 68Camaro. Originally Posted by Fire How did you attempt flashing it, HPtuners? To accomplish this you need GM tools. Dealerships will usually do this for you too, but it requires bringing the car to them. Originally Posted by DSteck. If you try to program an OS outside the year range for the T you have, it will come up with an error and abort programming Been there.

Should be good then Good luck! Originally Posted by Longslyde. All times are GMT The time now is AM.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This is the tune I'm running Post up a log. The current VVE could be much smoother still.

Right on! The man with mad Excel skills is back! As always 5FDP is right with his helpful advice. P and mean that it is either lean somewhere vacuum leak between MAF and heads, MAF adjustment or has an exhaust leak pre-O2 sensor. Once the lean issue is sorted we have got to dig into a few other areas that are going to get you more power and responsiveness. And I might have mentioned before that there are some things we need to do to soften up the part throttle shifts on that 6L90E.

Originally Posted by 5FDP. Yeah, your spreadsheet speeds up the whole VVE process. I appreciate it. With that LY6 set-up you could install a traction control button like the donor rig had or just shut it off in the tune. I can't wait till you get the nannies out of the way and get into the good parts of tuning that thing.

You will be very pleased with what the loud pedal has to offer. All times are GMT The time now is AM.The first is to make sure that you have a game plan for all of the challenge areas. Deciding what to do about the transmission can be one of the most challenging aspects. But, what about the transmission? People often neglect this when they consider what kind of engine they are going to use.

For the purposes of this guide, we will stick with the concept of adapting GM transmissions with the LS Series of engines. This transmission will be great with your swap since it is what these motors were meant to work with.

ly6 6l90e swap

Make sure that if you buy it separate from the engine that you know for sure that you have an automatic wiring harness. The 4L60E has been around a lot longer than the LS motorsso try and find one that goes with your year motor. This will make it a thousand times easier. Here is a video worth watching if you are going to try and buy one that did not come with the engine.

It really goes into identifying them properly. There are a lot of ins and outs. As the TH is to the TH, this transmission is the heavy duty equivalent here. Here is the catch, it has a larger case. Many older muscle cars will need to have transmission tunnel modifications done in order to accommodate the larger case.

Keep that in mind. This is espescially true when it comes to the CTS, which has a linkage system instead of the shifter directly on top. Most people reading this will understand that the Corvette T56 is attached to a transaxle and not really the same transmission at all. I am mentioning this because they go pretty cheap in the salvage community because they can only really be used on the Corvette.

Also, avoid the T56 that came behind the LT1 engine. It is basically incompatible. For everyone else just avoid it. It is also worth noting that this transmission is HUGE. It is a monster. It does bolt right up. In the classic car community this pretty much makes it as good as done. You will run into a couple of issues with this. The distance between the flywheel and throwout bearing is different.

It seems to work.

after Transmission swap .. 4L65e to 6L80e

Check out this video and see if it is for you. These guys are great. There are few good reasons to consider this.

The first would be clearance. The Muncie is significantly smaller than a T The difference is insane. The TKO is quite a bit smaller itself. The second would be cost.

If you have a perfectly good Muncie sitting in the car maybe you have no desire to run an overdrive transmission. As far as gearing goes they are identical.

The cases are a similar size as well.Shop Vehicles FAQ. Online Payments. All Rights Reserved.

Standalone LY6/L96 6.0L Wiring Harness - PRO SERIES

Built with Volusion. Speartech 10L80 10 Speed Transmission Package. Brand new GM 10L80 10 speed transmission package! Ready for your next Gen V swap project. We have several in stock. All packages include the new GM 10 speed transmission, torque converter, our cooler line manifold kitand slip yoke.

Give us a call to order Now available is the 10L90 floor mount tap shifter! Similar in basic function to our popular 6L80 floor mount tap shifter, this new unit controls tap shifting in a separate gate instead of a switch on the knob. Slide the shifter over to the left from drive and you're in the tap shift gate.

Just nudge the shifter forward to upshift, and nudge back to downshift. Slide the shifter over to the right, and normal automatic gear changes will resume. This shifter comes with the shifter cable, the cable bracket which mounts to the transmission, the shifter cable to gear selector lever, 2 bolts for the cable securing tabs, wiring pigtail, and the shifter knob with boot.

Our 10L90 tap shift relay module is required for use of tap shift functions and is included. Take full control of your 8L90's up shifts and down shifts with our in-house modified tap shift shifter! Includes the cable and brackets. The shifter cable length is approximately 57 inches. Available in black or tan. Add pigtail? Select "Yes" if you're not using a Speartech powertrain harness.

Looking for a shifter for your 8L90 transmission? Check out ours here! This shifter is unlike others you will find online, trying to duplicate our setup. Only our in-house developed assembly offers the correct brackets for proper cable alignment during swap use, and when coupled with our in-house TCM programming, you are left with a properly functioning package ready to work for you! We have finally developed a solution to enable the tap shift and reverse light function when using an 8L90E or 10L90E in your swap project!

The CAN relay is included with our 10L floor mount tap shifter.

ly6 6l90e swap

Tap Shift is enabled when you shift into manual mode Mwhich is one gear below drive D. To exit manual mode, simply shift back up into drive and the transmission will resort back to regular automatic shifting conditions. Tap Shift will still function in DRIVE mode with non Corvette based tunes, but will time out after approximately 8 seconds of inactivity, and resume back to automatic gear changes.

Comes with an instruction sheet for easy installation. We have finally developed a solution to enable the reverse light function when using an 8L90E in your swap project! Works with 8L90E transmissions. No programming required. We have finally developed a solution to enable the reverse light function when using a 6L80E or 6L90E in your swap project!The GM Hydramatic 6L80 transmission heralds a significant change in the design of automatic transmissions at General Motors.

All previous GM automatic transmissions were virtually all based on hydraulic controls, and received increasing electrical elements as they modernized. The 6L80 was, from the ground up, developed as an electric over hydraulic transmission with microprocessor control.

The 6L80 began manufacture in for release in model year GM vehicles, persisting until at least in both 6L80 and 6L90 versions. A horsepower revolution spawned by GM's increasingly powerful Gen. The 6L80 was approved for use in these vehicles weighing up to lbs. The 6L80 denotes that the transmission is a 6-Speed, Longitudinally mounted, and for lbs. Newer to the transmission world is its use of direct clutch-to-clutch shifting and the total lack of bands.

Because of this, the 6L80 - despite having two or three more gears than its predecessors, is unexpectedly short in length. Maximum engine input torque for the 6L80 is ft. The case is a cast aluminum alloy. The 6L80 features a generously deep first gear for an automatic, making for favorably powerful starts from a standing stop.

The transmission lacks a direct-drive, but features two overdrive gears. The gearing spread is a very capable 6. Recommended fluid is Dexron VI and it typically accepts a 10 quart thru Like earlier automatics, the 6L80 features one line pressure tap available for testing and diagnostic purposes.

’07 – ’08 LY6 (6.0L)/L92 (6.2L) STANDALONE WIRING HARNESS W/6L80E

The torque converter is a fluid turbine drive and - like those on its predecessor transmissions, the THC, R4, 4L60, and 4L80E - features a lock-up pressure plate for direct mechanically coupled driving from the engine crank. As with earlier Hydramatics, the 6L80 will accept either the mm or mm torque converters. Engine torque rating increases minimally, but the output torque rating of the transmission jumps up by nearly ft.

To handle the increased output torque capacity, the 6L90 departed from the long-standing GM 32 spline specification output shaft of the 6L80 and went to larger diameter 29 spline for most truck applications.


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